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We, at GAIL DAV Public School, are committed to providing a liberal and diverse environment to the students. We have been incessantly trying to develop the best infrastructural facilities and the faculty to encourage enquiry and excellence in them. Realizing our responsibility to make every child a conscientious and responsible citizen who can create a world devoid of dogmas and contemptuous narrow thinking causes racial and communal differences by fostering in them the values of courage, fair-play, humility, sensitivity and fellowship. Our pedagogy is very much inspired the by teachings and the principles of Vedas which keeps our students deep-rooted to their ethics and enriching tradition; moreover, we emphasis equal importance on the development of the scientific approach of our children towards the ever changing ambience of the nature. We inculcate in them an indomitable spirit of competition by organizing so many co-curricular activities every week which includes sports, cultural and many others.The greatness of an institution does not only lie on its infrastructural comforts but also the students that it produces who exemplify the value- based comprehensive teachings when he/she chances upon unfavorable situations on the way of making his/her dream realized. We are blessed to have produced such citizens who have contributed in the revolution to bring social, economical and political reformation in the country.
Ashok Kumar Sharma